Appropriate ventilation is essential to the provision of a safe, healthy and and comfortable living and/or working environment. We design and install ventilation systems that meet your requirements while adhering to all of the relevant Australian Standards and Legislation.

Ventilation requirements can be tricky, not least when it is a large system serving multiple spaces. We can interpret the code requirements – delivering an end product that is effective and compliant.

Bathroom and Laundry Exhaust Systems

Our bathroom and laundry ventilation solutions are designed with a modern home in mind. Effective ventilation in a bathroom is critical in reducing the risk of condensation and mould, addressing odours within the space and improving the overall air quality.

We also advise on suitable methods of control such as run on timers, fan and lighting interlock or interlocking the fan operation with the operation of your dryer.

There are numerous grille options to choose from, some of which you can view here. We are happy to design a solution in tandem with your architect and/or builder to find something that is suitable for the final finish of the space while still providing sufficient ventilation for the bathroom’s operation.

All designs and installs are completed with reference to AS1668.2: Mechanical Ventilation in Buildings and the most recent NCC (National Construction Code).

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation is a ventilation option that sees the air exhausted from the house replaced with fresh air from outside. The unit draws in air from both inside and outside the house – most commonly the air from inside is from the toilets. These 2 air steams pass over a plate heat exchanger, either cooling or heating the outside stream – depending on the time of year.

The fresh air coming in is passed through a filtration system – removing pollen, dirt and other pollutants from the air stream. The fresh air may also be supplied to the space through a ducted unit.

Moisture, CO, CO2 and odours are removed from the house when the air is extracted.

Heat recovery ventilation is an economical method to reduce energy usage and maintain an excellent indoor environment.