A ducted air conditioning system is a concealed unit, with only the supply and return air grilles visible. They come in multiple and single zone iterations. As illustrated in the centre image below the air conditioning unit is, in effect, a large split type unit – benefiting from the same advances in technology outlined here. A multiple zone system allows you to condition your whole house or office, rather than a specific space, but from just one unit via supply air registers in each room served. The air is then returned to the unit via a system of door undercuts and return air registers. Our systems have the functionality to offer individual control over up to 10 individual spaces with our supplier’s innovative control solution.

Our controls supplier is Advantage Air and the product is called MyAir. MyAir is a comprehensive control solution for your air conditioning, housed on a platform that can offer a whole house smart solution. The system is an innovative approach, utilising the most up to date technology available.

Multiple Zone Control

With MyAir you can have up to 10 individually controllable spaces. Control can be from within the spaces or remotely. The multiple zone control ensures that the air is delivered to where you need it and that you can avoid unnecessary energy usage by not supplying air to spaces when they do not require it. It also offers the individual within a given space the ability to adjust the space temperature to their preferred level.

Automatic adjustment in also available, where the air flow to a space will be continuously adjusted to maintain a preset temperature.

Innovative Dampers

The MyAir control system uses an innovative multi blade opposable damper that gives tight control, in increments of 5%, over the air flow to a given space.The damper responds to both a manual command from the occupant or an automatic command from the sensor in the space.

This is the bit of equipment that impacts the indoor air temperature and the fundamental component in this air conditioning product.


Motion Sensor Option

Motion sensors can augment the savings already available by installing the base MyAir system.

The motion sensor registers whether a space is occupied or not. If the space is occupied it ensures that the air conditoning maintains the required temperature. If a space is not occupied the motion sensor will allow, after a suitable period of time, the temperature in the space to rise (or fall) in order to conserve energy.

Central Controller

The MyAir central controller doubles as a fully functional tablet, offering a familiar interface to control the zones in your house. As it is a wired device you don’t have to worry about charging or losing it!

The air conditoning application displays whether units are on or off, heating or cooling and the relevant temperatures.

The MyAir system can control up to 4 separate AC systems should it be required which each unit visible on the tablet.

Remote Operation

MyAir also has a dedicated app, allowing for control of your air conditioning system from anywhere with an internet connection. The app shares the tablet’s functionality and interface. 

Remote operation allows you to manually operate on and off your systems from your phone meaning you can cool the house prior to your coming home or heat it prior to getting out of bed!


MyAir is an innovative approach to simplifying control of your air conditioning system while reducing your energy usage and delivering savings. Speak to us about how we can apply the technology to your project. For more information on MyAir please click here.

The video below provides an overview of the system and it’s benefits.