Below are a selection of the air conditioning and ventilation accessories that we supply and install to suit your project. Speak to us about achieving your vision for your space.

Diffusers and Grilles

Diffusers and grilles are the visible part of the concealed air conditioners and ventilation systems. There are a number of factors that govern their selection and we are well placed to advise on the benefits of one type over another.

The below list is not exhaustive so please contact us for a recommendation on a grille type suitable for your application.

Linear Bar Grille

The linear bar type grille is a robust and sleek design most commonly used with a ducted type unit.

It is available in a range of frame styles, including the popular flangeless type indicated above.

Linear Slot Grille

The linear slot grille is a stylish option available with multiple slots and in varying lengths.

It is a ceiling mounted option commonly installed on the perimeter of a space, aligned to the windows.

Swirl Diffuser

A common option for office installations, the swirl diffusers offers excellent air mixing from a ceiling installed location in any project.

Egg Crate Grille

Used as an exhaust or return air application. Common in bathroom and office locations.

Circular Exhaust Grilles

A stylish toilet exhaust grille.Very common in high rise projects as architects are fond of it and it is easily adjustable to achieve the required airflows.

4-Way Diffuser

Another common office option, the 4 way diffuser distributes air along the ceiling, achieving excellent distribution.

Weather Proof Louvre

A weatherproof louvre allows you to bring or expel air from the home and is installed on the external wall of the house.

They prevent the ingress of water and, additionally, are installed with mesh screens to keep out insects and birds.

They are available in a range of colours to suit your needs.

Floor Mounted Grille (Linear)

A floor mounted grille is a robust linear type grille that is fully trafficable and offers an outlet where low level air conditioning is proposed. These are installed along the perimeter, adjacent the facade.

Generally they are a brushed metal finish however they may be painted as required.

Floor Mounted Diffuser (Round)

Another robust type diffuser, this is an adjustable type suitable for a raised floor application. It fits into a tiled floor meaning that it can form part of a flexible work space by being relatively easy to move as required.

Outdoor Unit Accessories

The outdoor unit is an integral part of the air conditioning system. Speak to us about options for mounting, concealing and isolating it to ensure that you don’t lose valuable space outside.

Colorbond Trunking

Colorbond trunking is a stylish way to conceal unsightly piping or cabling from view. Available in a wide range of styles to blend into it’s surroundings.

Rubber Mounts

Rubber mounts isolate the outdoor unit from it’s mounts and the wall behind – eliminating reverberation and the noise it causes.

Condenser Wall Brackets

The wall bracket allows you to install the air conditioning unit on the wall – freeing up valuable space below

Ventilation Accessories

Ventilation accessories provide a number of control and building sealing options for your ventilation systems – some are required by building codes and some are a practical addition to a ventilation system.

Backdraft Damper

A backdraft damper is installed in your exhaust ductwork and opens only when the system is operating – shutting when it is off to prevent the ingress of hot or cold outside air.

2, 3 And Variable Speed Switches

With a multiple speed fan you can select the appropriate speed (once an appropriate fan is installed) helping to reduce your energy usage.

Run on timer

A run on timer will run your ventilation system for a period of time beyond when the switch is turned off again and the space vacated. The time is adjustable and the run on timer is compatible with automatic lighting systems too.

Power Relay

A power relay allows you to interlock the operation of the ventilation system with something else, when that something else switches on your fan will too. Commonly used with a washing machine or dryer.


Allow you to set a set point temperature for the space. If this is exceeded the fan will start, only stopping when the set point is achieved.

Spring Mounts

Isolates your fan or ducted unit from the structure around – eliminating reverberation transmission and addressing a common source of noise